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Hi There!

Nice to meet you! My name is Laura and I am the owner and jewelry designer at MALU. Thank you for being here! MALU started in 2021 with the goal of sharing pieces that can enhance your look and bring ease to your everyday style. I have a group of stores that I go to find my style what varies from basic to corporate wear to trendy but as I shopped around I thought, is there anyone like me that could use one store with my style? That was a seed that started this project. I made a big change in my life moving from Miami, FL to Portland, OR in May 2021 and as a way to express my creativity and find calm during a time of much change, I started making and designing jewelry pieces in brass, gold filled and semi-precious stones. I quickly realized I had stumbled across something that brings me joy and can be the stepping stone to my idea. With a long term goal of having a brick and mortar shop, I wanted to start putting my name, brand and pieces out to get more experience, receive feedback, find out what other like and build my inventory.  To help me execute my vision and I recruited my creative step daughter, Vanessa to oversee the digital design and content. She is a wizard! 
MALU is based out of Portland, Oregon.
Thank you for being here, it means the world to us that you support our small and mighty team.

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Laura Maldonado

Owner / Jewelry Designer

Team: Team
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